Durite is one of the leading companies in fabrication, manufacturing, and design of surfacing materials for both interior and exterior as well as horizontal (flooring) and vertical (walls) surfaces. Durite fabricates and manufactures, shower basins, kitchen & bar counter tops, vanity tops, art panels, furniture and fixtures of almost all types that can be Manufactured or Fabricated. Durite is a patent technology that uses the ability of Chemistry & Polymers for single bonding, "Fusing" and creating seamless (endless) lengths, widths and vertical surfaces. All of our Manufacturing is made in the USA. Imports are limited to finish slabs from Man-Made Materials, Quartz, Natural or Exotic materials that are requested. Durite had partnered and worked with independent companies representing Durite in Italy, Japan and Canada. Many of those companies also offer Durite EFIS systems. Depending on the type of works, we can easily setup for manufacturing, use local materials and partner with you.

Contact (USA):

Durite USA LLC
15- Cutter Mill Road, # 126
Great Neck, NY

C: 516 334 4533

C: 917 797 6071

E: info@durite.net

E: sedaka3860@aol.com