Nearly every HI-Rise that is constructed requires endless amount of kitchen countertops, vanity tops, and hotels mini-bar tops are an added feature.

In addition, it is becoming more and more a design practice to create bathtub surround, shower pans, and ADA shower pans, trough sinks in kitchen and modern sinks in bathrooms and many other features that lends itself to the use of polymers and man-made materials.

Most of this process begins at the design phase and lots of time and expense is dedicated to create such prototypes. Especially for the first show room as a model and example.

Designers usually go to showrooms for ideas and inspiration. Durite is able to produce almost all items (respecting Trade Marks, Copy Rights and Patent Laws). We can manufacture 3D Precast , faster, better and more cost-effective.

With what you can bring to our table, we can partner with you. We are a single source shop and have the ability to help you produce and provide you with support in the event you may need immediate adjustments based on site conditions, and in some instances help you supervise/ install.

You may want to provide us templates because it would be impossible to fabricate from drawings due to walls, or site geometry conditions.

Cabinet makers may want added features of install, by inserting plywood to the underside of Tops that would help them drive screws into plywood rather than stone and make install very easy.

Plumbers may want single Trough and Shower Pan (factory installed) so the trough is part of the shower basin. Or other plumbing fixture request? Endless abilities and combination depending on how you would want it tailored? We certainly can make your work much easier and partner with you.