Nature is creation, transformation, transition and evolution. The planet’s crust was formed from within and from elements of stars. Forged by fire, gravity, magnetism, electricity, titanic plates, pressure, tension, torsion has all shaped and molded this planet through time.

For million of years stones are formed, telling us a story like a chapter from a book, where on earth the stone was formed? How it was formed? What can it tell us about the depth and proximity to the earth’s mantel, pressure, heat, ocean, desert, and forest etc. How we can almost replicate those processes in lab and create stones in colors we want, in white and none-staining, in a very thin (1/8") without limitation to size, how we can reduce weight to a fraction, or engineer veining in any color, make it photo luminous, translucent or even transparent. Lab-stones can be made opaque by day & transmit light by night.

We have almost reached the ultimate and we can recreate almost any natural stone, better, harder, stronger and tailored.

Liquid polymers formed, forged and baked under pressure are used today in many highly advanced technologies like the cockpit of the new F-22 rapture stealth fighter plane. Resisting shock waves, heat, pressure and friction.

Nature offers us many materials than we can use for fabrication. Quartzite are stone similar to sugar grains that are used in many man-made materials. Quartz is a hard stone, none staining, can come in clear or some natural colors. They are used from the very fine sand grains to large pieces embedded in clear resin for back lighting used in kitchen and bar tops. Crushed Stones, Glass Chips, Shells, are graded, washed and used as Terrazzo, Agglomerate (Large Stones that are packed closely with smaller stones in between), Or Conglomerate, mix of many different types of stones.

With Quartz we can produce "Concrete Polymers" a favorite choice of many designers to look like concrete, but function without staining & cracking.

Terrazzo can offer us infinite possibilities not only for the type of materials that we can use, but also size of stones, glass and shells from the very small to the very large sizes. We can engineer density, thickness, and weight.