Bathtubs & Fixtures

Bathtubs: Manufacturing & Fabrication

There are no comparisons between a bath tub that is $2,000 on average in Acrylic compared to a bath tub that is $27,000 in stone. Stone/Terrazzo or Quartz bath tubs is not for everyone. Amazingly we were told by a stone bath tub fabricator that on average they sold one each month!!. This is incredible, not only because of shipping (weighing more than a ton) but also for where they can place such a tub and the floors that could support it? We understood that this type of bath tubs are used inside even a Bedroom as a stand alone feature or a Combination of Bathtub and Rain Shower Room.

During the Art Deco period (1920’s), Bath Tubs were cast iron with white glazing for the most part. Some fancy bath tubs where made in natural stone (since Napoleon Era) but in the Deco Period Cast Terrazzo Tubs, Shower Basin and Bench’s were occasionally used. The weight of Terrazzo bath Tubs in cement Terrazzo would be similar to Natural Stone. Gradually after the war this type of tubs died out. During the 80’s bath tubs made from concrete started emerging with lots of problems with staining and cracking. Designers liked the idea of concrete so we developed the Concrete Polymer that looks like concrete but functions like a high strength, light weight polymer.

Durite has been involved in restoration of natural stone tubs by adding a thin layer of the same stone composition as a liner. We had created concrete-polymer or limestone-polymer bathtubs that are much lighter (1-1/2”) thickness, much stronger and does not need reinforcement. Extremely attractive as natural stone and much easier to transport and install. however as mentioned those type of tubs are very unique and cost is some where between Acrylic and Natural Stone, depending on how exotic the material is?

Typically in many hotels, residential buildings, etc. a tub enclosure or bath-tub surround is designed to hide the acrylic tub and keep the cost to a reasonable budget depending on the looks and materials. Many of the readily available man-made slabs like Caesarstone®, Silestone®, Cambria®, Zodiac®, Icestone®, etc. are being used as cladding around bathtub surround.

Based on your design, material choices (if you are supplying the slabs, or we are creating and developing the material?) we can create your desired project.