Fabrication: From Finish Slabs

Our definition of Fabrication is to take stone slabs and man-made materials such as CaesarStone ®, SileStone@, Zodiac@, Cambria®, Corian® etc. and process for a desired product. Fabrication is to cut pieces and glue them on a 45 degree miter joints.

For man-made materials we have the ability to curve and create desired shapes, achieve incredible finish’s that looks seamlesslike one piece where joints almost disappear. Counter Tops, Backsplash, and many other products can be Fabricated from slabs to achieve the desired finish.

Cost of Fabrication:

Most materials for Fabrication are provided to us in a slab format. this eliminates the guessing game and reduces the chance of returns. Also various materials can range in cost. Some suppliers because of their ability to buy bulk can obtain a more favorable terms than others. Some Trademark materials only sell to their own suppliers. In Fabrication Durite only gets involved with processing the finish slabs into the final products.

Time of fabrication or the "turn-around" time is an important cost factor. depending on size and magnitude of the project, fabrication can be done in one or three shifts (round the clock).

Ordering can be made in pieces, so it would be easy to install and assemble on site (miter joints) with numbered pieces. or fabricated pieces can be pre-assembled and shipped as whole units. Crating, Shipping and Insurance are all part of the final cost.