Furniture & Urn/Planters:

Durite manufactures tables, and coffee table tops for several high-end furniture producing companies. Each creation and top production is based on custom design of field colors, composition of stone/glass and other materials colors that are used to complements the interior decoration. In many instances the base or legs are selected and sent to us for adapting and making attachments and detachment easy.

Many of our furniture production can be for indoors or outdoors. From fainting chaise lounge to seating bench, they can all be made to order. Materials from composite stone to terrazzo, concrete polymer, quartz and others. We can create Urn and Planters that does not require a metal lining. Single Cast Large Trough Planters that are used as security knee walls can be made to order. Single casting eliminates the possibility of joints and it can hold as much as "One Ton per square inch" without even reinforcements!

Outdoor furniture can be playful with game tables such as Chess and Backgammon, Pool Tables and many other creation combining fun and game with functionality.