Manufacturing is different from Fabrication. With Manufacturing we start with creating the materials based on a certain specifications, colors, mix of stones, sizes, density and other materials that we will be adding to the mix. After achieving the control sample, we create the desired shapes. Manufacturing is done based on single casting. For example if a countertop requires a cutout for a sink, plumbing fixtures and a 3" apron (front edge) this is done in a single 3D-Casting so everything is in one piece and this look is totally and functionally different than (fabrication) where the joints are glued together. glued joints they have to be put together professionally that glued lines are not visible. with singe casting there are no joints. in addition, glued joints may separate and may not be good for certain applications like heavy weights in sinks or shower basin, etc. Single cast does not separate (Tension is 2 KSI).

There are no limitations to casting shapes. We have no limitations to size and lengths of castings. the limitations are only in transport and site delivery.


With manufacturing we also have the ability of (Fusing). This is a Durite technology to weld pieces together. Joints can melt and become a single piece. we have created bar tops for nearly 150 liner feet seamlessly with Fusing. we have created many single counter and trough sinks in single castings.

Cost of Manufacturing

Depending on the "Material" project size (how many molds has to be produced), time frame (from approved samples to finish production with one shift of crews or three shift of crews), cost ( labor & material) and possibly installation (labor on site), cost is a variable.

It’s more productive to work a manufacturing budget backwards, from what is the target cost? Sometimes if from the get go there is not enough budget it’s anexercise of unreal desires.

Cost has to be realistic. We would rather deal with a client that is knowledgeable has some sort of understanding of market cost, than one who has none. We had mass produced for many projects in Vegas, in Miami and Japan and the Far-East. So nothing is too far.