Making your own Materials

With infinite possibilities, as infinite as stones and their composition like quartz, mica, shiest, silica, micro- marine shells, calcite, shells, fossils, obsidian (volcanic glass), we can create infinite surfaces.

Using local and natural materials to manufacture is our strength and it is a cost effective approach than transporting goods from one continent to another.

Depending on the size of a project, and location, custom materials can be created to fit your budget and achieve the esthetic look that is desired. No project is too small or too large.

Creating unique materials is our goal. After the control sample is evaluated, production cost can be explored.

Nature guides us to create many materials that are admired by many. We can engineer most of those materials to our specifications. The world of Polymers is a Pandora’s Box and we can see some of those creations in smaller scale, like eye wear glass frames, Tortoise Shell, Man made pearlite Piano Keys, and many other exotic polymer. Combined with natural materials like Pink Quartz, or Fossils, Amethyst, Gold Coated Glass (like the Deco Period), and infinite other creation, nothing short of the wow factors.