With the advancements of 3D printing and water jet technology almost any type of shapes can be created. Molding technology can be very costly and the yield (the amount of castings prior to the mold breaking up) varies depending on the type of materials that the molds are made from.

Through the years Durite had experimented with different types of molding materials for cost effectiveness and efficiency. Casting Materials can be poured in vacuum chambers, or subjected to heat, vibration and pressure for creating smooth and uniform surfaces. Durite’s precast is far advanced for sharp and crisp edges. In the Terrazzo industry we have supplied many leading Terrazzo installers and Companies. Cost of precast varies depending on the many variables. It starts with engineering for basic materials all the way to the final finish and product.

As previously mentioned, our choice of polymers are Epoxies. Those epoxies are especially made for "UV color stabilization". It is important to note that if the floor and walls are made of the same materials, precast must be made with the same materials. We have seen many projects that at first the precast looks the same, but with the passage of time, the "oxidization rate" color changes and after some time, the floors and walls does not match to precast stairs, columns, and front desks etc.

Another major factor is using "material mix" such as Terrazzo, Quartz or Concrete Polymer, that does not dissolve in salt/chloride environment. Surface that is subjected to all sorts of chemicals can dissolve soft or reactive materials (materials that when they come in contact with ammonia, bleach and other products can react) Obviously it is much cheaper to use crushed marble than crushed glass. This is one example of cost variation.

Material’s Science and Engineering does not stop at Coloration (natural earth or chemical), Stability (oxidization rate), Porosity (staining, and retaining surface moisture), Hardness (12 KSI materials that are hard and resilient).

Our reputation in the precast and prefab world is well known amongst the many masters. A few example are: Disney Epcot Center, MGM Grand, Mohegan Sun, Champs, The Public Theater, Steve Madden, W-Hotels, Met-Life, Tiffany, Gagosian, JPMC, Rent the Run Way, Valentino, McCann Erickson . Speaks for itself.

Many of those companies have their own advanced precast technology. They have the best facilities, experts and resources. It is, and was an honor to get recognized and appreciated by them for quality, mastery and beauty of those works that Durite had produced. Flawless in execution, exquisite and works of arts that made a world of difference and it was not just another precast.