Shower Pan/Basins

Shower Pan/ Shower Basin: Manufacturing

Durite has “Manufactured” many shower basins through the years. “Fabrication” of shower basins with glue joints are not recommended and we don’t offer it. Shower Basins are almost like a bath tub where it has to retain water and prevent leak from all sides.

Most of our Shower Basin are made from (Epoxy) with Stones/Glass, and Shells similar to “Terrazzo”, “Quartz” and “Concrete Polymer” (looks like concrete but in Polymer).

Shower Basins must not, “Stain” (in an environment of hair coloring and shampoo), it must not “Crack” (unlike cement/concrete materials that has shrinkage cracks and eventually allows water to the underside for porosity. Epoxy Basin does not crack, and its none-porous). Shower basin must also be very “light weight” for ease of install (normally shower foot-print is small and if the basin is heavy, it would be difficult for one person to install).

Probably the most advantage that a Polymer Shower Basin can offer is a complete water tight and prevention of water leakage. “Lead Pan” that is customary to be installed under the shower pan, would not be necessary. unless the design would want to create a double safety in the event of gasket or other failures that can cause a leak.

Shower Basin Design:

As mentioned, Durite has been involved in Fabrication of many Shower Basins. Some include wall paneling with same materials, or different materials. Some Basin’s can have attached walls (fusing is a technique that pieces can be shipped and with chemical heat welded into becoming one piece). Some shower basins require an up-turned edge to be inserted in the walls. Some Basin’s require “ADA” usually “Curb-less”. It is becoming more customary to use Shower Basins without any curbs. We have produced many curb-less shower pans. the key to this design is to set the drain at the furthest corner (trough drain) and allow the basin to have a reservoir of 5 gallons/ minute drain. (meaning that if the shower is on for 1 minute and 5 gallons of water could not drain, water can sits in the Basin reservoir, and does not spill over into the interior). The gentle slope that has to be created from the shower’s entrance to the drain must allow for this “volume” of water.

In addition to “curb-less” shower pans we have also created a U-Channel “slot” inside the edge of the shower pan where glass walls can be inserted inside, separating the shower from the room or from the bathtub area. We have made this floor slot either with a U-shaped Aluminum channel inserted, or to create a slot with the same material as the Shower Basin.

As you can see, design can be limitless and versatile. Trough drain with cover that matches the shower basin is becoming a more common feature.

Durite has also constructed exotic series of shower pans. Currently under design we have a “Glow in the Dark” (blue hue) shower basin. we have also previously constructed shower basins in semi-precious stones (jade pebbles), turquoise, lapis, jasper, etc. lime stone look with sea shells or fossils a truly “WOW” factor. Concrete Polymer is highly demanded (it is attractive, simple and very practical) can be produced in white, none staining and none-cracking making it a notch above all others. From creation of material, to shapes, geometry and designs the possibilities are endless.

Let us know what you have in mind?